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Give your customers the best products and choose a leading leather bag manufacturer such as ourselves

A quality leather accessory is a prized possession for many of us. We know it’s durable and soft to the touch, it’s well-made and it’s a pleasure to own, so it’s only right that you should give your customers the very best leather products to choose from.

Here at Primehide Trade we are here for all your leather bag manufacturing needs and we’re confident that we can meet the needs of your business.

Do you have a start-up? Or perhaps you’re an established brand with a reputation for product excellence to uphold? Regardless of how much you order from us in the way of clothing of leather goods, we can meet your order needs.

If you can’t find products that meet your standards, why not find out more about our made to order service? Offering a complete bespoke service to suit your needs, we can create unique leather products which you’ll be proud to sell to your customers.

To find out more about this service, or to browse our shop and sale items, take a look around our website today.